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Air Cooled Oil Coolers


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Air Cooled / Brazed Aluminum

Custom Oil Coolers

Oil cooling requirements vary widely depending on the type of equipment and duty cycle required. We’ve specially selected fin and tube options to provide the exact performance and durability the application calls for. Whether its high viscosity start up or full temperature operation, our brazed aluminum oil coolers keep it cool. We carefully select each oil cooler to be compatible with your system and each product is carefully designed to provide you the best combination of heat transfer and pressure drop.

Oil Cooler Technologies


We’ve identified the best selection of hot and cold fin combinations to provide the ultimate in flexibility and provide the best heat transfer performance in the market.

  • Highly flexible design options
  • Enhanced internal fin geometries for superior cooling
  • Wide variety of hot fins to balance internal pressure drop
  • High-efficiency louvered fins for superior heat rejection
  • Wide variety of debris resistant non-louvered fins
  • Specially designed extruded tanks withstand high pressures
  • Ideal for low viscosity fluids
  • Welded tanks for a long leak-free life
  • Integral bypass relief valves


Our patented TBAR replaces hot fins and bars with a single extruded tube for increased product durability.

  • Highly flexible design
  • Patented tube-to-bar joint ensures consistent brazing
  • Extruded tubes provide unrivaled durability & fewer leak paths
  • High-efficiency louvered fins for enhanced heat rejection
  • Debris resistant non-louvered fins
  • Specially designed extruded tanks withstand high pressures
  • Welded tank to core for a long leak-free service life
  • Zinc-Infused aluminum cores for unrivaled corrosion protection
  • Low oil side pressure drop
  • Stands up to heavy pressure-cycle loads & pressure spikes
  • Ideal for high viscosity fluids
  • Integral bypass relief valves


  • Robust and flexible design
  • Louvered and non-louvered air-side fins are available
  • Efficient surface to maximize heat rejection


  • Compact designs fit inside radiator bottom tanks for transmission oil cooling
  • Available in stainless steel and aluminum construction