TTP's cooler sizing software.

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Find the right cooler for your application.

Our XSelector® program allows you to size all standard air and water cooled products to help achieve optimum performance for your industrial and mobile cooling applications.

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Select your cooler type.

  • Air cooled
  • Water cooled
  • Air Blast found in our P-BAR Series
  • Brazed Plate in our BP Series
  • Our Proprietary T-BAR core (OCA only)*

*The Aftercoolers and COL units are not included in the software.

Select your fluid.

  • ISO grade oils from ISO 32 to ISO 220
  • Water
  • Salt water
  • Ethylene glycol/water mixes

Select your cooler based on the specs that matter.

  • Performance
  • Material
  • Weight
  • Size



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