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Aluminum Radiators


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Aluminum Radiators

API Heat Transfer offers a wide range of brazed aluminum radiator styles and options. From small individual coolers to large complex engine cooling systems, from heavy duty bar and plate construction to plastic tank radiators, we have the right design for your mobile or industrial application. Our engineering team is continually developing additional fin geometries to improve heat transfer efficiency so we can meet or exceed your expectations.

Brazed Bar and Plate Radiators

Fins are laid between aluminum braze sheets and fitted with header and face bars. The assembled unit is placed into one of our modern brazing furnaces where precise control of time and temperature produces a unified core. Manifolds designed to meet each customer’s particular piping requirements are welded into place to complete the radiator.

  • Ideal for heavy duty mobile and industrial applications
  • Feature a wide variety of thermally efficient internal and external fin patterns
  • Rugged, compact, lightweight units
  • Infinite number of core configurations and sizes to custom design a solution specifically to your exact requirements
  • Combi-cooler designs are available to cool multiple fluids in a single brazed unit
  • Available as component cooler or packaged as a complete cooling system incorporating radiator and/or charge air cooler with oil cooler components

TBAR  Radiators

Our patented TBAR replaces hot fins and bars with a single extruded tube for increased product durability.

  • Highly flexible design
  • Enhanced extruded tubes for improved charge air cooling
  • Patented tube-to-bar joint ensures consistent brazing
  • Extruded tubes provide unrivaled durability and fewer leak paths
  • High-efficiency louvered fins for enhanced heat rejection
  • Wide variety of debris resistant non-louvered fins
  • Welded tank to core for a long leak-free service life
  • Zinc-infused aluminum materials for unrivaled corrosion protection
  • Low charge-air side pressure drop
  • Stands up to heavy thermal cycle loads

Tube and Header Radiators

Our brazed aluminum tube and header radiators offer a cost effective, lightweight solution for stationary and mobile engine cooling applications. Radiators can be provided as a stand alone component, but most often would be combined with our bar and plate oil coolers and charge air cooler to form a complete engine cooling solution.

  • Wide range of row depths
  • Variety of external fins to match different environmental conditions
  • Tanks designed to meet piping requirements and are welded into place for superior integrity
  • Welded aluminum tanks can be fabricated, stamped or cast depending on application and volume