AOL Series

AOL Series


Compressed Air Cooling

Cooling Medium



Industrial / Mobile


Air Cooled / Brazed Aluminum

The AOL Series utilizes forced ambient air to cool compressor lube oil and is an excellent choice for demanding oil cooler requirements or for converting medium to large volume water cooled compressors to air cooled.  The design features rugged brazed aluminum bar and plate construction with detachable legs for ease of mounting in alternate locations.  This cooler is ideal for rotary screw, compressor lube or gear box oils.  The series includes nine models with oil flow capacities from 15-120 GPM (57-454 LPM) to be used on compressors from 35-400 HP (26.1-298.3 KW).

Consult catalog for additional sizes and technical information.

Configure your AOL Series

  • Large oil flow
  • High performance
  • Industrial duty
  • Brazed aluminum bar and plate core
  • All aluminum core assembly
  • Eliminates high water and sewer costs
  • Eliminates corrosion problems associated with water cooled units
  • Vertical air flow works well for heat recovery
  • P-BAR plate and bar core technology
  • High performance air side fin design
  • Detachable legs (shipped loose)
  • CRN available*
  • Low noise
  • Hydraulic motors
  • SAE ports
  • Marine corrosion control coatings
  • All catalog product is available with short lead-times
  • Expert application engineers are available to select and size the right product for your application
  • Custom designs are available
  • Maximum Operating Pressure 250 PSI
  • Maximum Operating Temperature 300°F
  • *CRN Rating 235 PSI at 250°F
  • Legs – Steel with baked enamel finish
  • Shroud – Steel
  • Standard Core – Brazed Aluminum Bar and Plate
  • Tanks – 5052 Aluminum
  • Nose Bar & Little Bar – 3003-H Aluminum
  • Air Fin, Plate, Turbulator & End Plate – 3003-O Aluminum
  • Fan – Aluminum Hub, Plastic Blades
  • Motor – TEFC
  • Petroleum/mineral oils
  • Oil/water emulsion
  • Water/ethylene glycol