B Series

B Series


Hydraulic Oil Cooling

Cooling Medium





Shell & Tube / Brass / Steel

Bare Tube Bundle Shell & Tube Water to Oil Cooling

The B/SB Series is very versatile in its ability to accommodate multiple application requirements. 700 and 1000 sizes feature 3/8” tube option for less pressure drop. ¼” tube offers greater surface area, and multiple baffle spacing options to optimize heat transfer.

The B series is a non-ferrous, Brass construction, which makes it ideal for water to water, including sea water cooling applications.

The SB series is competitively priced steel construction version of the B series, and mainly used for standard hydraulic applications.

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Configure your B Series

  • Young Touchstone thermal interchange
  • Sea water applications (B Series only), end model code with BR-CN-B-Z
  • Water to Water applications (B Series only)
  • Cooling Tube Side Material Options
    • Standard Steel
    • Copper Nickel
    • Bronze
  • Multiple Connection Options
    • NPT x NPT
    • SAE x NPT
    • SAE Code 61 x NPT
    • BSPP x BSP
  • End bonnets removable for servicing
  • Mounting feet included (may be rotated in 90° increments)
  • 90/10 copper nickel cooling tubes and bronze end bonnets for sea water service
  • All catalog product is available with short lead-times
  • Expert application engineers are available to select and size the right product for your application
  • XSelector* is a great tool for optimizing the sizing of TTP coolers.  Check out the Apple and Android app stores to download the XSelector App.
  • Our distributor One Status portal allows for on demand quoting of coolers and looking up order status.
  • Custom designs are available

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  • Maximum Operating Pressure – Shell Side 250 PSI
  • Maximum Operating Pressure – Tube Side 150 PSI
  • Maximum Operating Temperature 350°F
  • Heat Rejection from 2-550 HP (2.7-738 KW)
  • Oil Flow from 1-180 GPM (2.2-400 LPM)
  • Tubes – Copper / Copper Nickel
  • Hubs – B – Brass, SB – Cast Iron
  • Shell – B – Brass, SB – Steel
  • Baffles – Brass
  • End Bonnets – Cast Iron / Bronze
  • Mounting Brackets – Carbon Steel
  • Gaskets – Nitrile Rubber / Cellulose Fiber
  • Nameplate – Aluminum Foil