COL Series

The COL Series is an air cooled off-line fluid conditioning system utilizing reliable and high performing screw pump technology for independent cooling and filtering of system oils.  Choose the standard brazed aluminum P-BAR plate and bar core technology or the optional T-BAR core for high viscosity fluids.  Other options include cartridge style in-line filters and thermostat temperature sensors.

Consult catalog for additional sizes and technical information.

Type Cooling Medium Application Technology
Type Hydraulic Oil Cooling Cooling Medium Air Application Industrial Technology Air Cooled / Brazed Aluminum
  • Ideal for independent cooling and filtering of system oils
  • Low to medium pressure applications utilizing low noise screw pump technology
  • Pump flows ranging 9.5 GPM to 45 GPM
  • Bar and plate Brazed Aluminum P-BAR core with optional T-BAR core
  • Standard SAE ports – NPT and BSPP port adapters available
  • Direct mount; no coupler or bell housing
  • Cartridge-style filters
  • Plugged filter indicators
  • T-BAR core
  • Temperature sensors
  • All catalog product is available with short lead-times
  • Expert application engineers are available to select and size the right product for your application
  • Custom designs are available
  • Maximum Operating Pressure 250 PSI
  • Maximum Operating Temperature 300°F without filter
  • Maximum Operating Temperature 230°F with filter
  • Maximum Viscosity 150 cst (P-BAR), 320 cst (T-BAR)
  • Mounting Feet – Steel
  • Standard Core – Brazed Aluminum Plate
  • Tanks – 5052 Aluminum
  • Nose Bar and Little Bar – 3003-H Aluminum
  • Air Fin, Plate, Turbulator and End Plate – 3003-O Aluminum
  • Fanguard and Shroud – Steel
  • Connectors – Aluminum
  • Fan – Aluminum Hub, Plastic Blades
  • Motor – NEMA
  • Petroleum
  • Water/ethylene glycol
  • Cutting oils
  • Water-oil emulsions
  • Water-Ethylene Glycol emulsions
  • Mineral oil HLP and HLVP
  • Ecologic fluids HETG-HEPG-HEE
  • Lubrication high viscosity oils
  • MIL-H, SKYDROL/HFDR phosphate ester (Standard pump seals are not compatible with phosphate ester. Special pumps with EPDM seals are required.)