COLW Series

COLW Series


Hydraulic Oil Cooling

Cooling Medium





Shell & Tube / Steel

The COL Series is a water cooled off-line fluid conditioning system utilizing reliable, high performing and low-noise screw pump technology.  High efficiency is achieved by the utilization of an EK Series shell & tube heat exchanger.  Options include cartridge style in-line filters and thermostat temperature sensors.  This series is ideal for independent cooling and filtering of system oils.

Consult catalog for additional sizes and technical information.

3D Model Coming Soon.

Our 3D Product Configurator will allow you to build up the cooler with specific options that are required for your application, view what you have created in 3D, then download the model directly into your format to complete your modeling project.

3D Product Configurator

  • Ideal for independent cooling and filtering of system oils
  • Utilizes a high efficient EK series shell & tube (finned bundle) heat exchanger
  • Wall or floor mount
  • Low to medium pressure applications utilizing low noise screw pump technology
  • Pump flows ranging 9.5 GPM to 45 GPM
  • Standard SAE ports. NPT and BSP port adapters available
  • Cartridge-style filters
  • Plugged filter indicators
  • Temperature sensors
  • All catalog product is available with short lead-times
  • Expert application engineers are available to select and size the right product for your application
  • Custom designs are available
  • Maximum Operating Pressure – Shell Side 250 PSI (17 BAR)
  • Maximum Operating Pressure – Tube Side 150 PSI (10.3 BAR)
  • Maximum Operating Temperature – without filter 250° F (121°C)
  • Maximum Operating Temperature – with filter 230° F (110°C)
  • Maximum Viscosity 150 cst

All Models:

  • Pump – Positive displacement (screw)
  • Pump Motor – Nema frame
  • Shell – Steel
  • Tubes – Copper
  • Frame – Powder-coated carbon steel
  • Gaskets – Nitrile rubber/cellulose fiber
  • Mounting Brackets – Steel
  • Nameplate – Aluminum foil

COLW-20, 20W, 40, 40W, 80:

  • Tube Sheets – Steel
  • Baffles – Steel
  • Fins – Aluminum
  • End Caps – Grey iron


  • Baffles – Brass
  • Headers – Steel
  • Shell Connections – Steel
  • End Bonnets – Grey iron
  • Petroleum
  • Mineral oil HLP and HLVP
  • Ecologic fluids HETG-HEPG-HEE
  • Cutting oils (contact TTP)
  • Water/ethylene glycol (COLW-100 only)
  • Water-oil emulsions (COLW-100 only)
  • Water-Ethylene Glycol emulsions (COLW-100 only)