Parallel Flow Condensers

Parallel Flow Condensers


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Parallel Flow Condensers

API Heat Transfer is a major supplier of all aluminum parallel flow condensers using extruded tubes. Brazed aluminum provides highly efficient, robust designs using lightweight all aluminum materials.

  • Efficient designs using extruded tubes with small hydraulic diameters for optimum refrigerant heat transfer
  • All aluminum construction provides longer product life against corrosion
  • Face areas up to 30” fin height x 120” fin lengths
  • Single and double row construction
  • 18mm and 25.4mm tube depth options
  • Threaded o-ring and brazed copper to aluminum connections
  • Extruded tubes with zinc arc-spray coatings for optimum life
  • UL listed up to R410a applications at high ambient conditions
  • Micro-micro extruded tubes available
  • Wavy and louvered fins available
  • Our standard Uni-Fit product line is available for quick design and delivery.