S-BAR, T-BAR, P-BAR Modules

S-BAR, T-BAR, P-BAR Modules


Engine Cooling

Cooling Medium





Air Cooled / Brazed Aluminum

Our manufactured custom OE engine cooling modules for small gasoline engines to large-horsepower turbo diesel applications. Your choice of a variety of materials and core types (S-BAR, T-BAR, or P-BAR) offers design flexibility for high-performing radiators, CAC’s, or oil cooling. Full system modeling and validation of cooling modules is provided.

3D Model Coming Soon.

Our 3D Product Configurator will allow you to build up the cooler with specific options that are required for your application, view what you have created in 3D, then download the model directly into your format to complete your modeling project.

3D Product Configurator

Extruded Tubular Bar | Rugged & Refined

T-BAR (tubular micro-channel extrusion) brings you the most refined cooling technology on the market today.

  • Engineered with minimal components in an ideally simplified configuration
  • Unrivaled strength and rigidity to ensure durable performance
  • A flexible design using an extruded flow path
  • A high-performing, cost-effective domestic aluminum solution

Plate & Bar | High Volume & Low Variety Applications

P-BAR (custom plate & bar) is your best heat-transfer solution for higher volume (qty.) applications, and when competitive costs are key.

  • Custom-engineered engine cooling with remarkable heat rejection
  • High performance for mobile or industrial applications
  • A flexible design
  • A cost-effective LCC aluminum solution

Seam Welded Tube | Rugged & Refined

S-BAR is the most affordable, high-flow cooling technology on the market today.

  • A high-strength automotive style core design
  • Durable, multi-row tube to header plate design
  • Engineered for use in applications with higher temperatures and heat loads
  • A lightweight, reliable and cost-effective aluminum solution