Mobile Air Cooled Brazed Aluminum Coolers

The MA Series provides rugged high performance for demanding mobile equipment oil cooling applications.  Select from a broad line of standard units either as core only or with DC fans.  All featuring proven brazed aluminum plate and bar core technology, engineered with an aggressive turbulator that produces ultra-high heat transfer.

Fan optioned units come with 12 or 24 volt DC or  brushless DC axial fans. Brushless motor option offers  extended life, minimal electrical load of over 82% efficiency, custom fan speed control and lower ambient noise.

Add the MAGHEX programmable fan controller and sensor for an easy-to-install and low cost alternative to complex control systems.

Consult catalog for additional sizes and technical information.

Industrial Air Cooled T-Bar Extruded Tube Brazed Aluminum

The OCA Series is our high-performance series for high heat rejection, rough environment, and high viscosity fluids. OCA units are available in a wide range of sizes designed for a broad range of both mobile and industrial applications.  Its rugged steel construction features the patented T-BAR solid extrusion core technology but is more efficient and lighter in weight than competitor models.  This high performing series has the ability to handle high viscosity fluids with the advantage of providing ample cooling in areas where water is costly or unavailable.

Consult catalog for additional sizes and technical information.