REMOVABLE Bare Tube Bundle Shell & Tube Water to Oil Cooling

The HCR Series is a unique design allowing the tube bundle to be removed for cleaning or exchange while the shell remains mounted and shell connections remain undisturbed. By only replacing the tube bundle portion of the cooler it will cut down on labor and saving on cost of replacing a complete cooler allowing for quicker pay-back.

Ideal for hydraulic oil or compressed air-cooling applications. It will become the new industry standard in ultimate value and long-term reliability.

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The AB Series is a high performance aftercooler that utilizes supplied water to cool compressed gas or air from piston compressors.  The unit is constructed using round copper tubes which allows the air side tube bundle to be easily cleaned and maintained.  The brass hub and shell construction protects against galvanic and other types corrosion.  This aftercooler is ideal for piston or screw style compressors.  The series includes ten models with flow capacities from 40-3170 SCFM (1.1-89.8 SCMM).

Consult catalog for additional sizes and technical information.