Bare Tube Bundle Shell & Tube Water to Oil Cooling

The SSC Series features all stainless steel construction for applications where poor cooling water condition exists.  The proven fixed tubesheet design shell and tube heat exchanger offers the cost effectiveness that comes with having a highly standard design, while easily providing for various options to meet specific application requirements.  Custom models are also available.

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The UC/UCA/UCV Series features U-tube Heat Exchangers which allow the shell and tube bundle to expand and contract independently with temperature fluctuation. This reduces temperature dependent stresses, so they are ideal in applications with large temperature differentials. These series offer a wide variety of material options for utilizing multiple cooling water requirements for oil or steam applications.

The U-tube bundle allows for the tube bundle to be removed without disturbing unit mounting and shell side connections.  This allows for ease of maintenance to clean the unit or replacing the tube bundle with a new one.

For application and sizing help, please contact the TTP Application Engineering group at 1-262-554-8330 or [email protected].

UC/USSC Series:

This is the standard version that comes with NPT ports for shell and tube side connections, which are in line with each other on the shell.  Available in both Steel and Stainless Steel construction.  Some typical examples for UC units include quench oil coolers, liquid to liquid heaters, and barrel oil coolers for plastic extrusion machines.


Same construction as the UC series, but the shell connection are ASME/ANSI Flange and NPT on the tube side.  Again, they are in line with each other on the shell.


This series is more suitable for steam applications with the inlet port on top and the outlet port rotated 180° on the bottom of the shell.  This allows for water condensate to drain easily.

600/800/1000 sizes have NPT shell and tube side connections.

1200/1700 sizes have Inlet shell connection combination of ASME/ANSI Inlet and NPT outlet, again rotated 180° from each other.  The tube side is NPT.

A typical example for UCV units is steam to liquid heaters.

Note: All UCV models come with Stainless Steel shell material.

Consult catalog for additional technical information.