Thermal Bypass Valve

Thermal Bypass Valve




An optional feature for the MAR and BOLR Series – thermal bypass and pressure relief features combined in one valve. Temperature bypass is activated (closes) when oil reaches a defined set point of 110° F and allows full oil flow through the heat exchanger. When the oil is cool, the valve is open to allow a partial flow bypass.


Thermostatically activated, these valves route partial, cold oil flow around the heat exchanger to limit backpressure and unwanted cooling of oil during cold start-up situations. When the oil is cold (<110°F, 43°C), the internal valve connection P-T is open directing flow around the cooler with minimum pressure loss and enabling the oil temperature to increase to operating temperature. Once this temperature is reached (>110°F, 43°C), the thermal wax element closes the P-T connection and full flow is directed through the heat exchanger. The integrated pressure relief valve, set at 60 PSI, also helps safeguard the cooler from occasional return-line flow surges.

  • Temperature bypass of oil
  • Allows faster oil temperature rise during cold start
  • Pressure relief protects against flow surges
  • External parts zinc plated and chromite free
  • Eliminates the need to install external components saving time and money